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Establishing a Corporate Account

Establishing a Corporate Account with Reflective Apparel can offer multiple advantages. Volume discounts are the initial goal of most corporate agreements….but it can quickly generate into so much more. The requirement for strong and consistent corporate branding drives many of our clients to embrace a “one stop shop” for their hi visibility apparel. Utilizing our in-house graphic arts team, we can assure that branding guidelines are enforced, as well as offering an outlet for customized solutions for Safety Awards or other promotional offerings. Let us showcase our custom web portal to illustrate the ability to function as a partner for both your safety and procurement departments.

Reflective Apparel has corporate agreements with many of the Fortune 1000 companies as well as many smaller targeted corporations. You may already be eligible for corporate discounts and negotiated personalization. To inquire about existing agreements, or to receive information on the steps, please call or complete the Establishing a Corporate Account form.

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