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Size Charts

How to use our Sizing Information

Our High Visibility Apparel is used by a variety of industries, in vastly differing climates, and on a large range of body types. We have provided size charts with measurements of the garment itself to support the many variables.

Example 1: A tow truck operator wants to throw on a safety vest over her jacket while responding to calls. The operator would measure her jacket and pick a vest whose measurement accommodates the jacket worn underneath.

Example 2: A landscaping crew needs a Parka to wear over their autumn sweatshirts. The crew would measure the outside dimension of their sweatshirt and pick a Parka that fits over it . So a 55 inch circumference sweatshirt would fit under an Large 56 inch circumference Parka, or they could chose an X-Large at 60 inch circumference Parka that would fit more loosely.

Example 3: A worker in Florida needs a 3 Season Jacket for the infrequent cold nights. He has a 50 inch chest measurement. The Medium 3-Season Jacket has a 50 inch external chest measurement. He would need to chose a Large jacket with a 54 inch chest.

Remember, the size charts show the dimensions of the garment and not measurements for the person wearing the garment.

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